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To give you the shortest possible answer, I am a Software Engineer! Period. My main goal is to help novice individuals, businesses and startups increase their online presence in the digital world, make more money and grow to the greatest extent possible. Whatever kind of website or web application, I use my ultimate skills to deliver it right to your business.

  • I develop Websites with clean architecture
  • Security is my first approach
  • I follow Industry Standard best practices

The reliability and trustworthyness of a business is judged by its website. If you are looking for an outstanding web developer who can deliver a fast, responsive and scalable website, then I am your best friend.

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Why choose Jack Tembo for your next project?

Many web developers out there just know how to create websites, but they really do not put into consideration business needs. But guess what? Jack Tembo is different. Jack has been in the web Industry for some time, and can deliver applications quickly due to the fact that he understands business workflows.


You need a developer with the right skills for your project

Hiring a programmer like Jack Tembo guarantees your project to be inpactful and world class.

Backend 100%
Frontend 95%
DevOps and Deployment 90%
Security 85%
Search Engine Optimization 80%

Programming Lessons

Do you want to learn how to develop websites and applications? Jack offers coding lessons to individuals who are willing to explore the world of technology. If you are an absolute beginner, don't worry. I will hold your hands throughout the entire program. You are not too old or too young. Programming is super exciting to learn.

Python Programming Lessons

Learn the Python programming language with Jack. Master the most misunderstood programming language in the world. Python is the most porpular and widely used programming language in the world right now. Big companies and professsionals use it to do cool things like Automation, they use it in Artificial Intelligence and well as building applications and websites like Instagram and Dropbox.

Web Development Lessons

Learn how to develop websites using latest technologies. As you would arguably agree with me, the world has now gone digital. having the web development skills will benefit you in various ways. In this program, I will teach you all the web development fundamentals as well as how to think like a programmer. By the end of the program, you will have solid understanding of web design and development. You will also be able to create amazing webistes like this very website. In other words, you will be able to troubleshoot issues like a Pro.

Kotlin Programming Lessons

Learn the Kotlin programming language. The official language for developing android applications. If you want to become a mobile application developer, Kotlin is the right choice. Learn the programming language that powers the top 60% of the android apps on Google Play Store. Master app development and create amazing android apps for your business.

Linux & Penetration Testing Lessons

Learn The art of Ethical Hacking. Speed up your understanding of web vulnerabilities so that you can protect yourself for any potential online attack. Get an indepth understanding of the Linux operating system: Learn the Linux command line; the most scary part of linux for new users. In this program, you will also learn how to configure, maintain and Deploy applications in the Linux Server like a Pro.

Take your business to the digital world with my web design solutions.

Run your business like a Pro. Facilitate your customers' communications with what the digital world has to offer. Reach up to 100,000 people daily using your website. Let your website do business for you. A good web design will describe who you are and what you do. This is what Jack is here for. Jack develops your website, you run your business smoothly.


Check out a few of my web development prices below. Get to see which one best suits your needs. Get yourself a website at an affordable price and see your site rank on Google search results.

Silver Standard Static Website

K5,500Ideal For Business Advertizement

  • Ready In 1 Day
  • 1-5 Pages
  • Premium .com, .org or .net Domain Name
  • Powerful Design
  • 3 professional email addresses from your domain name
See All Features

Gold Standard Dynamic Website

K8,950For Growing & Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Ready in 3 Days
  • All Gold Standard static site Features
  • Up to 50 professional email addresses
  • Custom Design
  • Questionaires
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Admin Panel
  • Up To 3 Admin Accounts
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Platinum Standard Dynamic Website

K12,400For Medium To Large Businesses

  • Ready In 5 Days
  • All Gold Standard Dynamic Website Features
  • up to 50 professional email addresses from your domain name
  • Up To 10 Admin Accounts
  • Custom API Programming
See All Features

Standard E-Commerce Website

K22,500For Product Supliers and Sellers

  • Ready in 14 Days
  • Product Catalogue
  • Unlimited Product Listings
  • Visa/Mastercad Payment Gateway
  • Up To 25 Admin/Staff Accounts
  • order Tracking Integration
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School Learning Management System

K26,000For Schools, Colleges & Uiversities

  • Ready In 19 Days
  • Online Assignments, Quiz & Test
  • Student & lecturer Chat
  • Test & Exam Scheduling
  • Online results & Grading
  • Custom API Programming
See All Features

School Online Application System

K26,000For Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Ready in 14 Days
  • Online Application Portal
  • Online Student Payments
  • Track Application Status
  • Up To 25 Admin/Staff Accounts
  • Unlimited Applications
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Advanced E-Commerce Website

K37,999For Growing Retailers & Wholesalers

  • Ready In 21 Day
  • All Advanced E-Commerce Webiste Features
  • Custom Intelligent Product Recommendation
  • Local Payment Methods Gateway
  • Unlimited Email Hosting
  • Up To 50 Admin/Staff Accounts
See All Features

World Class Web Application

K65,000For Big Companies

  • Ready in 6 Weeks
  • All Advanced Organisation Website Features
  • Custom Web Application architecture
  • Unlimited Company Workflows
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Premium World Class Web Application

K115,000For Big Companies & Organizations

  • Ready In 2 Months
  • All World Class Website Feautures
  • Multilingual Web Application
  • A.I Assisted Website
  • Custom Algorithms Design
See All Features

Fortune 500 Standard Web Application

K999,000For Companies With World Class Businesses

  • Ready in 6 Months
  • All Gold Standard World Class Web Application Features
  • Daily Data Backups
  • Internal Business Applications Integration
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For custom web solutions, kindly send me an email with details.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have questions, please consider checking the Frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, feel free to hit my inbox or fill in the contact form on below this page.

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Maybe you have a cool idea and you need a website? just talk to me. I am available for freelancing.


8th Floor, Lotti House - Office 813
Cairo Road - Lusaka 10101 Zambia.

Having a proper web application has never been easy. This is where Jack Tembo comes to the rescule. Grow your business with Jack. I deliver beautiful, responsive and blazingly fast websites that look great on any kind of device. Just this very website is an example of how I develop the look and feel of websites with smooth and beautiful animations for different devices. try this website on different devices and see for yourself how it respond to screen sizes. But this is just a component of my skill. my strength is in implementing business logics; developing intelligent websites that make decisions based on what a user does with it.
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